Clock Spring Squib Ribbon Cable 5K0953569 For Volkswagen Audi Skoda Generic


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1: According to the original factory specifications,perfect match for the original car.
2: Own different test machines to design exact accurate parameter for our products.All items were tested for performance.
3: Made by high quality material, lightweight, anti-rust, colorfast and durable.
4: Aftermarket product with premium quality.
5: Stable performance, high reliability,suitable for replacing your broken one.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Ribbon
Color: show as pictures
Manufacturer Part Number: 5K0953569
Interchange Part Number:5K0953569
Other Part Number:5K0953569A, 5K0953569B, 5K0953569C, 5K0953569D, 5K0953569E, 5K0953569F, 5K0953569G, 5K0953569H, 5K0953569J, 5K0953569K, 5K0953569L, 5K0953569R, 5K0953569S, 5K0953569T, 5K0953569AA, 5K0953569AB, 5K0953569AC, 5K0953569AD, 5K0953569AE, 5K0953569AF, 5K0953569AG, 5K0953569AH, 5K0953569AJ, 5K0953569AK, 5K0953569AL, 5K0953569AM, 5K0953569AN, 5K0953569AP, 5K0953569AQ, 5K0953569AR
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Type: Clock spring Ribbon Cable
Fitment Type:Direct Replacement

Replacement Ribbon Cable For 5K0953569 Clock Spring Squib
Direct replacement ribbon cable for VAG module 5K0 953 569
Fits all revisions of this module A, B, C etc.
Common failure point. Replacing ribbon cable means you don't need to re code a new module into the vehicle.
Trim the end's down and solder into position

Package Include:
1x Clock Spring Squib Ribbon Cable

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