14" Caravan Skylight Roof Vent Remote Control Camper Motorhome RV Exhaust Fan Generic


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This roof vent fan comes with remote control and has the functions of air in/out, which can take fresh air in and expel smell out.
This RV roof vent fan provides a fantastic air circulation for RV, trailer camper and other vehicles, helps to lower indoor temperature & reduce smell from food, smoke, waste, pets, etc. It is a great choice to replace your old cracked roof vent whose size is 14" x 14".
The RV roof vent is made of durable plastic material which is UV-resistant and waterproof. The Putty tape helps to seal the frame into your RV roof perfectly and prevent the rainwater in.
Easy to install, insert vent in rough opening on top of putty tape, use an awl or nail to locate and line up corner drilled holes with the corner screw holes in vent frame.

*Built in 12v fan
*Flynet Screen
*Blackout blinds
* Speed adjustable
*With Remote Control
* Compatible with 1-1/4" to 2-1/4" thick roofs
* Seamless one-piece frame that is leakproof and weatherproof
* Built-in screen allows air to pass through while keeping insects out
Overall Vent Size is 420mm x 420mm
The cut hole needs to be 355mm x 355mm
Battery not supplied - Must be purchased separately

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