1977-1983 Nissan 280Z/ZX L28E Round Port Stainless Exhaust Header Manifold 70-1122 Generic


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1.Getting more air into your engine and more exhaust out is the key to a performance motor. That's where exhaust headers is significant as the first revenue of an exhaust system. Exhaust performance headers manipulate the air flow with the performance-robbing exhaust manifold that came with your car.
2.Headers provide each cylinder with its own mini exhaust pipe, which means exhaust headers prevent interference among cylinders; thus, the back pressure that occurs in common exhaust manifolds. When cylinders don't have to fight with each other to expel their exhaust, they can put more power through the wheels, pushing the vehicle. Combining with a high performance cold air intake, and a cat-back exhaust system, a header system removes all restrictions of your engine, then, it is able to perform at its full potential.

Product Name: Exhaust Header
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 180 days
Items Included: Gasket, Stud
Surface: Mirror Polish
Features: Polished
Color: Silver
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Tube Diameter: 1-5/8"
Collector Diameter: 2.00"
Fitment Type: Performance/Custom
Material: Stainless steel
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Manufacturer Part Number: 70-1122

For Nissan 280Z/ZX L28E Round Port 1977-1983
For Datsun

Package included:
1 * Exhaust Header Kit

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Customer Reviews

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lauren smith
Full Boost Now

Perfect fit. Seem to work great. Welds look good. Thick flanges impressed.

Great product

Very well made product!


Thought I was going to have to spend a few hundred dollars on a replacement. Glad to find this product - including gaskets - for 1/5th of the price elsewhere.


Used them a few times in my car and a few times for customers and so far they fit everything I use perfectly.

Honestly worth the price

The quality is acceptable considering the price and it has been a worthwhile purchase up until now. When it comes to a set of cast manifold, this product offers unbeatable value for its price. Although the casting is not perfect, it only required around 20 minutes of work with a carbide bit to fit properly. Installed without too muchissue, but I had to remove some material to make space for the spark plug wires. All in all this product is certainly worth the money.