1993-1997 Cherokee Country Exhaust Manifold Stainless Steel 674196 4883385K 16575131 Generic


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1.Getting more air into your engine and more exhaust out is the key to a performance motor. That's where exhaust headers is significant as the first revenue of an exhaust system. Exhaust performance headers manipulate the air flow with the performance-robbing exhaust manifold that came with your car.
2.Headers provide each cylinder with its own mini exhaust pipe, which means exhaust headers prevent interference among cylinders; thus, the back pressure that occurs in common exhaust manifolds. When cylinders don't have to fight with each other to expel their exhaust, they can put more power through the wheels, pushing the vehicle. Combining with a high performance cold air intake, and a cat-back exhaust system, a header system removes all restrictions of your engine, then, it is able to perform at its full potential.

Product Name: Exhaust Header
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 180 days
Items Included: Gasket, Stud
Surface: Mirror Polish
Features: Polished
Color: Silver
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Fitment Type: Performance/Custom
Material: Stainless steel
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Manufacturer Part Number: 674196, 662691, 4883385K, 4883385, 16575131

For Jeep Cherokee Base 1991-1993
For Cherokee Classic 1996, 1998-1999
For Cherokee Country 1993-1997
For Cherokee Limited 1991-1992, 1998-1999
For Cherokee SE 1994-1999
For Cherokee Sport 1991-1999
For Cherokee (submodel: Briarwood, Laredo) 1991-1992
For Comanche (submodel: Base, Eliminator, Pioneer) 1991-1992
For Grand Cherokee Base 1993
For Grand Cherokee Orvis 1995, 1997
For Grand Cherokee SE 1994-1995
For Grand Cherokee TSi 1997-1998
For Grand Cherokee (submodel: Laredo, Limited) 1993-1998
For TJ (submodel: Sahara, Sport) 1997-1999
For Wrangler Base 1991-1993
For Wrangler Islander 1991-1992
For Wrangler Renegade 1991-1994
For Wrangler Sahara 1991-1995, 1997-1999
For Wrangler SE 1994-1995
For Wrangler Sport 1997-1999

Package included:
1 * Exhaust Header Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

The stainless steel construction is top notch and provides a durable and long lasting upgrade to my car.

Robert Boillat

Box damaged, but all the parts inside still good, still could use. Manifold is exactly what I ordered.


Very nicely made product! Not so easy to replace, especially the rear piece.


The quality is very good, the workmanship is very fine, and it is easier to install than expected.


It fits well, all the holes are in good fitment.