292PCS Fender Door Hood Bumper Trim Clips Body Retainer Assortment & Screwdriver Generic


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1. According to the original factory specifications,perfect match for the original car.
2. Own different test machines to design exact accurate parameter for our products.All switches were tested for performance.
3. Made by high quality material, lightweight, anti-rust, colorfast and durable.(Factory direct pricing without middleman mark-ups)
4. Aftermarket product with premium quality.
5. Stable performance, high reliability,suitable for replacing your broken one.

Condition: 100% Brand New & Good Quality

292PCS Fender Door Hood Bumper Trim Clips Body Retainer Assortment & Screwdriver Generic
20 Pcs Door Trim Panel Retainer
White Nylon
Top Head Diameter: 13mm
Middle Head Diameter: 15.5mm
Bottom Head Diameter: 18mm
Stem Length: 14mm
Overall Length: 20.5mm
Stem Diameter: 9.5mm
For Isuzu Replaces 8942264920
For Mazda Replaces 9927-40-825
For Toyota Replaces 67771-01010
For Toyota Replaces 67771-12010
For Auveco A14269

24 Pcs Screw Type Retainer
Material: Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 15mm
Stem Length: 12mm
Fits Into 7mm Hole
For Auveco A14260
For GM Replace 20426301
For Mazda Replace 9926-50-625
For Toyota Replace 90467-06017
For Toyota Replace 90467-06017-20
For Toyota Replace 90467-06017-41

20 Pcs Fender Liner Retainer
Push Type Clip
Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 20mm (13/16")
Stem Length: 8mm (5/16")
Fits Hole Size: 7mm (9/32")
Fits For Toyota Replaces 90467-07166
For Auveco A18888

20 Pcs Rear Bumper Cover Clip
Push-Type Retainer
Black Nylon
Head Diameter 18mm (0.71 inch)
Stem Length 28mm (1.10 inch)
Fits into 9mm Hole (0.35 inch)
Fits For Tercel 1988-On
Fits For Camry 1988-On
Fits For Celica 1996-On
Fits For 4 Runner 2003-On
Fits For Hi-lux 2003-On
Fits For Toyota Replaces 52161-16010
Fits For Toyota Replaces 52161-02020
For Auveco A18873

36 Pcs Trim Panel & Hood Seal Clip
Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 13mm
Stem Length: 11mm
Fits Into 5mm Hole
For Toyota Replace 90467-08004
For Toyota Replace 90467-08011
For GM Replace 94842841, 94849113
For Geo Prizm 1985-On
For Nova 1985-On
For Auveco A18297

16 Pcs Hood Insulation Retaining Clip
Hood Pad Insulation, Package Tray
Panel, Luggage Compartment Mat
Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 30mm
Stem Length: 17mm
Fits 7mm Hole
Panel Thickness: 6mm
Fits For MR2 1989-On
For GM Nova 1985-On
For Toyota Replaces 90467-09008
For Auveco A14738

36 Pcs Nylon Screw Grommet
Natural Nylon
#10 Screw Size
Width: 13mm
Length: 13mm
Snaps Into 8.5mm x 8.5mm Hole
For Toyota Replaces 90189-06010
For Honda Replaces 75521-611-0000
For Mazda Replaces 9991-00-601
Fits For Nissan Replaces 96706-P0105
For Auveco A14274

36 Pcs Headlight And Grill Nut
#10 Screw Size
12mm Wide, 12mm Long
Fits into 8mm x 9mm Hole
For Toyota Replaces 90189-05013
For Mitsubishi Replaces MS-480002
For Auveco A13932

24 Pcs #10 Screw Grommet
Natural Nylon
#10 Screw Size
Head Diameter: 18 mm (23/32 inches)
Stem Length: 17 mm (21/32 inches)
Fits Into 8.5 mm Square Hole
Fits For Nissan Replaces 01281-00023
Fits For Toyota Replaces 90189-06001
Fits For Mitsubishi Replaces MB-098145
Fits For Alfa / For Fiat / For Lancia
Replaces 14203780
For Auveco A14275

24 Pcs Screw Grommet With Sealer
#6 Screw Size
Natural Nylon
Head Diameter: 14mm
Stem Length: 10mm
Fits Into 7mm x 7mm Hole
For Honda Replaces 90662-693-0030
For Honda Replaces 90662-693-003
For Toyota Replaces 9018-04066
For Auveco A14281

16 Pcs Front & Rear Wheel
Fender Liner Screw Grommet
Black Nylon
#12 Screw Size
Head Diameter: 16mm
Stem Length: 19mm
Fits Into 9mm x 9mm Hole
For Toyota Replaces 90189-06028
For Tacoma, T100 & 4 Runner 1992-On
For GM Replaces 94854203
For Chevrolet Nova & Prizm 1985-On
For Pontiac Vibe 1985-On
For Auveco A19194

20 Pcs Screw Grommet
Black Nylon
1/4" (#14) or M6.3-1.81 Screw Size
Head Diameter: 20mm
Stem Length: 17mm
Fits Into 8mm x 8mm Hole
For Toyota Replaces 90189-06013
For Toyota Replaces 96706-W100
For Auveco A14267

Please allow 0.5-1 cm error due to manual measurement. Pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.

Package Include:
292pcs Fender Door Hood Bumper Trim Clip Body Retainer Assortment For Toyota

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