32A 240V EV Charging Cable J1772 US Plug Electric Car Charger 25FT Generic


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1.Fast Charging: The J1772 Level 2 EV charger provides up to 240V voltage and 32A current, allowing for quick charging of electric vehicles compared to regular household outlets.
2.High Safety: The standardized design of the J1772 Level 2 EV charger ensures a secure connection between the charger and the vehicle while monitoring and adjusting current and voltage to reduce the risk of accidents.
3.Versatility: The charger comes with a 25-foot cable that makes it easy for drivers to park their vehicles in different locations.Moreover, since it supports single-phase input, it is suitable for most households and public places' power grids.
4.Low Maintenance Costs: The components of the J1772 Level 2 EV charger are standardized, making it easy to maintain and replace. Its long lifespan also reduces maintenance costs, providing a more substantial return on investment for individuals or businesses.
5.Eco-Friendly: The J1772 Level 2 EV charger can use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, reducing carbon footprint and environmental pollution. Furthermore, using new energy vehicles instead of traditional fuel vehicles can lower energy consumption and emissions, promoting sustainable development.

Condition: Brand New
Material:Copper, ABS Plastic
Type: EV Portable Charger
Color: Black
Connector Standard: Type 2
Electricity Transmission Form: Single-phase Electricity
Input Voltage: 240V
Charging Rate: 7.68kW
Charging Current: 32A
Item Total Length: 25FT=7.62 Metres
Operating Temperature: -30℃ to +50℃
Plug Type: US Plug
Fitment Type:Direct Replacement

Universal for all Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) that use a Type 2 charging connector
(If you want to charge a Tesla, you need a Type 2 To Type 1 SAE J1772 Charge Adapter Connector, you can contact us! We also have this Connector for sales.)

Package Include:
1 * Portable EV Charger

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use.
So far, so good.

lauren smith

The charger arrived punctually, and the packaging was of excellent quality.👍If I'm in a rush to charge, it appears to function well. However, I have only utilized it on two occasions thus far.

Robert Weeden
Fast charging at a reasonable price

Under the same conditions, the new charger charges much faster than the old one. Would carry it around on travels.

Liz Ludlow
5 Best Portable Charger

Long enough and very convenient!