4pcs Ignition Coil +Spark Plug UF491 For Equinox Buick Regal Saturn GMC 2.4L Generic


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1: According to the original factory specifications,perfect match for the original car.
2: Own different test machines to design exact accurate parameter for our products.All items were tested for performance.
3: Made by high quality material, lightweight, anti-rust, colorfast and durable.
4: Aftermarket product with premium quality.
5: Stable performance, high reliability,suitable for replacing your broken one.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Metal
Color:show as pictures
Manufacturer Part Number: UF491
Interchange Part Number: 1208089, 12578224, 12589623 12638824, 12629646, 4802236, 4805094
Other Part Number: 52-1850, 5C1609, C1552, D517A, E991, GN10485, IC571, UF491 UF-491
Type: Ignition Coil +Spark Plug
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement

Reference OE Number:
D517A, 5C1609, E991, 52-1850, UF491, UF-491, C1552, IC571, GN10485
12578224, 12629646, 12589623, 12638824, 1208089, 4802236, 4805094

Buick-gl8: 4 points
New manual for six GL8 2.4L blocks (2011-2015)
Classic GL8 2.4L six block Handbook (2011-2015)".

Burke Reggie:
New royalty 2.0L manual for 6 blocks (2009-2015)
New royalty of 2.0 tons (2010-2015)";
2.4L royalties for six self-help blocks, 2009-2014

Buick hockey
Hands of four blocks with 2.4 liters (2006-2009)
Lacrosse (hybrid) four 2.4 litre (2008-2009) handmade blocks
Self integration of lacrosse (hybrid) 6 2.4L (2008-2009) gears
Six 2.0 tons (2010-) rookies holding Lacrosse
Six 2.4-liter (2010-)" ball Lacrosse for "new hand-held lacrosse players
2014 1.6 tons automatic
2014 2.0L automatic
LAF 2.4L automatic 2014

Chevy copage
2.4L 5-auto integrated hand block 5-seat comfort (2008)".
5 gear manual 2.4L comfort 5 seats (2008-2010)".
Comfort navigation with 5 automatically integrated 6-arm seats, version 2.4L (2011)".

Cadillac SLS:
Manual combination of six 2.0 ton blocks (2011-2013)

Chevy copage
2.4L 6 auto integrated 5-wheel seats City Version (2012-) 2.4L 6 auto integrated 5-wheel seats luxury (2012-)".
2.4L 6-block manual and 7-block City Edition (2013-)".
Manual for 6 2.4L blocks, major version of 4-wheel drive unit for 7 SEATS (2012-)".
2.4 L, 6 blocks, 5 seats, city two seat navigation Version (2012)".

Malibu Chevy
Manual modification of six blocks of 2.0L (2012-2013)".
2.0L comfortable 6 blocks in one version ()
2.4L all in one luxury version with 6 gears (2012-2015)".
2.4L all in one luxury version with 6 gears ()".
A self-contained version of 2.0L comfortable six blocks (2012-2015)".
2.0L integrated luxury with 6 gears (2012-2015)".
2.4L automatic integration version of 6 gears (2012-2015)".
2.0L integrated luxury with 6 gears ()".
Shanghai GM passenger car
LAF 2011 2.4L automatic
Le5 2011 2.4L automatic

LDK 2.0 tons in 2011
LDK 2014, 2.0 tons automatic
"LE5 2006 2.4L Auto"

Chevy copats
L5 2012 2.4L automatic
Le9 2012 2.4L automatic
Le9 2015 2.4L automatic

Package Include:
4pcs Ignition Coil +Spark Plug

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Customer Reviews

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Tu Le
Good Customer Service Clearing up Wrong Shipment

I have reached out regarding a problem with the part sent being a wrong one for my car. I reached out to customer service and they were patient and understanding in the frustrating situation. They were able to clear up and resolved the situation well.

Nguyen Hai

They cleared up the misfire problem and the engine runs very smooth now. I believe it even has more power than it had prior to the misfires.

Francisco Aguilar

Excellent product I change the ignition coils and park plugs runs like new. Definitely will be buying again from you guys in the future and the prices are excellent as well.

Liz Ludlow

Direct fitment So far my spark plugs are happy with them as well as my engine we'll see how long they last.

Richard Woodard

Went in easy