6x Ignition Coil+6x Spark Plug UF515 UF522 For BMW 325 335 525 530i X5 Z4 2.5L 3.0L Generic


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Condition: 100% Brand New
Color:show as pictures
Manufacturer Part Number:12130148594, 12130390064, 12131712219, 12131712223, 12137551260
Interchange Part Number: 52-1751, 7805-6251, 78056251, GN10328, 5C1401, IC595, C1404
Other Part Number: UF522, UF515, C1404, IC595, 5C1401
Type: Ignition Coil+Spark Plug
Petrol: Gas
Minimum Primary Resistance Range: 0.43OHM
Engine: I6 3.0L, I6 2.5L
Inductance (mH): 2.5 - 3.4MH
Vehicle System Voltag: 12V
Overall Height (in): 6.875 in
Coil Type: Coil On Plug
Terminal Quantity: 3 pins
Coil Terminal Type: Three blades male plug
Coil Wire Terminal Attachment Type: Connector
Terminal type:Blade
Placement on Vehicle:Engine Compartment
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement

For BMW:
12137551260 12 13 7 551 260
12131712219 12 13 1 712 219
12131712223 12 13 1 712 223
12137594938 12 13 7 594 938

0221504464 0 221 504 464
0221504100 0 221 504 100
STANDARD 12758 UF-522 UF522
UF515 UF-515 WELLS C1404 C1477

128i E87 2008-2013 I6 3.0L Petrol
135i E87 2008-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
323i E90 2006-2011 I6 2.5L Petrol
325ci E46 2003-2006 I6 2.5L Petrol
325i E46 2003-2005 I6 2.5L Petrol
325i E46 2006 I6 3.0L Petrol
325xi E46 2003-2005 I6 2.5L Petrol
325xi E46 2006 I6 3.0L Petrol
328i E90 2007-2013 I6 3.0L Petrol
328i Xdrive E90 2009-2013 I6 3.0L Petrol
328xi E90 2007-2008 I6 3.0L Petrol
330ci E46 2003-2006 I6 3.0L Petrol
330i E46 2003-2006 I6 3.0L Petrol
330xi E46 2003-2006 I6 3.0L Petrol
335i E90 2007-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
335i Xdrive E90 2009-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
335is E90 2011-2013 I6 3.0L Petrol
335xi E90 2007-2008 I6 3.0L Petrol
525i E60 2003-2005 I6 2.5L Petrol
525i E60 2006-2007 I6 3.0L Petrol
525xi E60 2006-2007 I6 3.0L Petrol
528i E60 2008-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
528i Xdrive E60 2009-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
528xi E60 2008 I6 3.0L Petrol
530i E60 2003-2007 I6 3.0L Petrol
530xi E60 2006-2007 I6 3.0L Petrol
535i E60 2008-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
535i Xdrive E60 2009-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
535xi E60 2008 I6 3.0L Petrol
M3 E46 2001-2006 I6 3.2L Petrol
X3 E83 2004-2005 I6 2.5L Petrol
X3 E83 2004-2012 I6 3.0L Petrol
X5 E53/E70 2003-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
X6 E71 2008-2010 I6 3.0L Petrol
Z3 E36 2001-2002 I6 3.2L Petrol
Z4 E85/E86 2003-2005 I6 2.5L Petrol
Z4 E89 2003-2014 I6 3.0L Petrol
Z4 E85/E86 2006-2008 I6 3.2L Petrol

Package Include:
6 X Ignition Coils + 6 X Spark Plugs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

New plugs and wires and runs very smoothly. Great product.


Easy to install and no miss fires great product. Also, very quick delivery.

Gurkirat Brar

Very easy to install and was an amazing deal. I'm now ordering parts for my brother's car, especially his ignition coils and spark plugs.

Andy Moldowan

I bought this product for my car. The Ignition Coil were an exact match.

Ben Shenton

Coils and wires arrived early. They look awesome and so far preforming flawlessly can feel more pep. Excellent product and well worth the money