BMW 1 3 Series E81 E82 E84 E87 E88 E90 E91 Auxillary Water Pump 64116928246 Generic


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1.The engine water pump auxiliary is made of plastic and is durable and tested to ensure trouble-free installation and performance.
2.Direct replacement for proper installation and ease of installation.
3.When the car is turned on, the water pump circulates coolant from the inverter to the radiator.

Condition: Brand New
Manufacturer Part Number:64116928246
Other Part Number: 64116928246, 6928246
Material: Aluminum

Fitment For :
For BMW 1 Series E81 ? (02/2006 窶?12/2011)
For BMW 1 Series E87 ? (03/2003 窶?02/2007)
For BMW 1 Series E87 LCI ? (01/2006 窶?06/2011)
For BMW 1 Series E88 ? (09/2007 窶?10/2013)
For BMW 1 Series E82 ? (11/2006 窶?10/2013)
For BMW 3 Series E90 ? (02/2004 窶?09/2008)
For BMW 3 Series E90 LCI ? (07/2007 窶?12/2011)
For BMW 3 Series E91 ? (03/2004 窶?08/2008)
For BMW 3 Series E91 LCI ? (07/2007 窶?05/2012)
For BMW 3 Series E92 ? (06/2005 窶?02/2010)
For BMW 3 Series E92 LCI ? (09/2009 窶?06/2013)
For BMW 3 Series E93 ? (09/2005 窶?02/2010)
For BMW 3 Series E93 LCI ? (09/2009 窶?08/2013)
For BMW X1 E84 ? (09/2008 窶?06/2015)

Package Included:
1* Water Pump

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Michelle Florence

Worked great, changed it to achieve the results I was hoping for

Michelle Florence

Amazing, it fits my car perfectly!

Ben Shenton

The water pump works very well. There is no water leakage at all. It restored my car to normal again.

Carlos Perez

Works perfect. Zero issues fitment is perfect with new bolts and gaskets.


I’m really happy with this product, this is all way cheaper than other brands. I saved a lot with this product.