G4KJ 2.4L Engine Rebuild Kit-Crankshaft & Conrods & Pistons Gasket for Hyundai Generic


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Our gaskets and seals are designed to meet or exceed all Original Equipment (OE) specifications for proper sealing
Advanced manufacturing technology ensures durability and optimum operation
Specialized designs yield significant and noticeable improvements to your car engine
Engineered and manufactured specifically for aftermarket repairs or "do it yourself" projects
Application-specific design ensures correct fitment

Condition: 100% Brand New
Manufacturer Part Number:21020-25120, 21020-25150, 21443-25000, 22320-2C400, 23040-2G500, 23060-2G411, 23410-2G500
OE/OEM Part Number: 209102GA02, 2102025120, 2102025150, 222242G000, 223202C400, 230402G500, 230602G411, 234102G500
Type: Engine Rebuild Kit

Fit for: Hyundai Kia 2.4 G4KJ Engine
For 2014-2020 Kia Sorento 4-Door 2.4L
For 2011-2018 Kia Optima 4-Door 2.4L
For 2014-2019 Kia Sportage 4-Door 2.4L
For 2014-2019 Hyundai Tucson 4-Door 2.4L
For 2011-2016 Hyundai Sonata 4-Door 2.4L
For 2017-2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 4-Door 2.4L

Package included:
1 * Crankshaft
4 * Connecting Rods
1 Set of Engine Gasket Set
1 Set of Main & Rod Thrust Bearing Set
10 * Head Bolts
4 * Engine Piston
4 * Engine Piston Pin
1 Set of Engine Piston Rings

Piston & Rings Set OE Part Number:
23040-2G500, 23410-2G500
23040 2G500, 23410 2G500
230402G500, 234102G500

Gasket Set OE Part Number:

Connecting Rods OE Part Number:
23510-2G500, 23510-2G540
23510-2G520, 23510-2GGA0
23510-2G541, 23510-2G552
23410-2G511, 23410-2G521, 23410-2G510

Crankshaft OE Part Number:
23111-2G200, 23111-2G230,
23111 2G200, 23111 2G230,
231112G200, 231112G230,
72RZ6-2GF00, 72RZ6 2GF00, 72RZ62GF00

Head Bolts Set OE# :223202C400
Main Bearings OE#:2102025120
Rod Bearings OE#:230602G411
Thrust Bearings OE#:2102025150

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Since completing the rebuild, the engine runs exceptionally well, with noticeable improvements in power and fuel efficiency.

Nguyen Hai

My engine's performance has improved significantly, and it's running smoother than ever. This kit is a fantastic value.

Andy Moldowan

I would recommend this, the kit is identical to the OEM and works very well.

Jennings Sherry

The kit is perfectly installed. The crappy machining on original crank made it virtually impossible to fix, this crank had consistent machining for STD bearings.


Much to my surprise, the material the kit is made from is better than OEM. Will definitely buy these again.