BMW 528i 328i 2012 13 14 15 L4 2.0L High Pressure Fuel Pump 13517584461 323-59462 Generic


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Product Name: Fuel Pump
Condition: have a little Scratch
Warranty: 180 days
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Manufacture Part Number: 323-59462, 13517584461

For BMW X5 2016 2.0L
For BMW X5 2017 2.0L
For BMW X3 2013-2014 2.0L
For BMW 228i 2014-2016 2.0L
For BMW 328i 2012-2013 2.0L
For BMW X1 2013-2015 2.0L
For BMW X4 2015-2017 2.0L
For BMW 328i 2016 2.0L
For BMW 528i 2012-2016 2.0L
For BMW Z4 2012-2016 2.0L
For BMW X1 2012 2.0L
For BMW 328i 2014-2015 2.0L
For BMW 320i 2013-2017 2.0L
For BMW X3 2015-2017 2.0L
For BMW 320i 2012 2.0L
For BMW X3 2015-2017 2.0L
For BMW 428i 2014-2016 2.0L
For BMW X1 2013-2015 2.0L
For BMW 328i GT 2014-2016 2.0L

Package included:
1 * Fuel Pump

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

This kit exceeded my expectations in terms of build quality, performance, and ease of installation. The pump delivers consistent and reliable fuel delivery, ensuring optimal engine performance in all driving conditions.

Nguyen Hai

My engine ran smoother, and the fuel efficiency improved noticeably.

lauren smith

I was able to do the full removal and install in just 3 hours on my uncovered driveway.

Ben Shenton

I was upgrading to twin pumps and needed this kit. This one shipped fast and worked flawlessly making 500hp and no issues with fuel!

Jennings Sherry

The fuel pump working perfectly with install kit and it solved my issues.