Layer Elastic Net Pocket Bag Between Car Seat Organizer Storage Mesh Holder Generic


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Product Feature:
1.This mesh bag has four hooks for easy installation. There is no need to punch or paste. It is very convenient.
How to Use:
1) Just fix the top buckle to the headrest bar, and then hook the bottom hook to other items under the seat.
2) The upper part only hook the seat headrest upright, and the two lower hooks directly hook the seat hem.

2. For Driving Security: (the most important effect)
1) Keep your purse or handbag within reach without taking your eyes off the road. Greatly reduce distracted driving situations.
2) Stop Kids or Pets Disturbing: It can be used as a special barrier that prevents naughty kids or pets in the back seat disturbing your daily drives.
3. Design:
1) The car storage bag has a high-strength polypropylene-coated silk full-elastic mesh surface, which can put more items, and has very good recoverability.
4.Storage Space:
1) 3-layer storage design can store your wallet, mobile phone, bag, etc, so that you can easily get your items from the storage bag, and prevent the items from sliding during the driving.
2) It also helps to classified storage your items keep them in good order of reachable place.

Material: High-strength polypropylene coated silk full elastic mesh surface
Color: Black
Weight About: 220g
Size: About 30*30cm
Length: About 40*30cm( After stretching )

Package Included:
1x Net

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