1.6 2.0 VW Tdi Oil Filter Housing Filter Cap & Gasket 03L115389C 03L117021C Generic


SKU: C223-A009-BLK

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Product Name : Oil Filter Housing
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Years
Manufacture Part Number:
03L115389B, 03L115389C, 03L115389G, 03L115389H, 03L117021B, 03L117021C
03L 115 389B, 03L 115 389C, 03L 115 389G, 03L 115 389H
Note: Please check the Manufacturer Part Number before ordering.

Applicable Models:
For VW Amarok 2H_ S1B 2010-2019 Pickup
For VW Amarok 2HA 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B 2010-2019 Pickup
For VW Beetle 5C1 5C2 2011-2019 Hatchback
For VW Beetle 5C7 5C8 2011-2019 Convertible
For VW Caddy MK III 2004-2015 Box
For VW Caddy MK IV 2015-2019 Box
For VW CC 358 2011-2016 Coupe
For VW Crafter 30-35 2E_ 2006-2016 Bus
For VW Crafter 30-50 2E_ 2006-2016 Box
For VW Crafter 30-50 2F_ 2006-2016 Platform/Chassis
For VW EOS 1F7 1F8 2006-2015 Convertible
For VW Golf MK VI 2008-2013 Estate
For VW Golf MK VI 2008-2019 Convertible
For VW Golf Plus Plus 2004-2013 Hatchback
For VW Jetta MK IV 2010-2018 Saloon
For VW Multivan MK V 2003-2015 MPV
For VW Multivan MK VI 2015-2019 MPV
For VW Passat 362 2010-2014 Saloon
For VW Passat 365 2010-2014 Estate
For VW Passat 3C2 2005-2010 Saloon
For VW Passat 3C5 2005-2011 Estate
For VW Passat CC 357 2008-2012 Coupe
For VW Polo 6R_ 2009-2014 Hatchback
For VW Scirocco 137 - 138 2008-2017 Coupe
For VW Sharan 7N 2010-2019 MPV
For VW Sharan 7N1 7N2 2010-2019 MPV
For VW Tiguan 5N_ 2007-2019 SUV
For VW Touran 1T3 2010-2015 MPV
For VW Touran 5T1 2015-2018 MPV
For VW Touran 1T1 1T2 2003-2010 MPV
For VW Transporter MK V 2003-2015 Box
For VW Transporter MK V 2003-2015 Platform/Chassis
For VW Transporter MK VI 2015-2019 Box
For VW Transporter MK VI 2015-2019 Platform/Chassis
For VW Transporter/Caravelle MK V 2003-2015 Bus
For VW Transporter/Caravelle MK VI 2015-2019 Bus

Product Size Chart:

1.6 2.0 VW Tdi Oil Filter Housing Filter Cap & Gasket 03L115389C 03L117021C Generic

Package Included:
1 * Oil Filter Housing

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