BMW X5 X6 E70 E71 E72 Parking Brake Actuator With Control Unit 34436850289 Generic


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1: According to the original factory specifications,perfect match for the original car.
2: Own different test machines to design exact accurate parameter for our products.All switches were tested for performance.
3: Made by high quality material, lightweight, anti-rust, colorfast and durable.(Factory direct pricing without middleman mark-ups)
4: Aftermarket product with premium quality.
5: Stable performance, high reliability,suitable for replacing your broken one.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Color: Black
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Manufacturer Part Number:34436850289
Interchange Part Number:34436850289, 34 43 6 850 289, 34436779451, 34436782205, 34436785487, 34436788556, 34436788968, 34436796072

Fits For BMW 2007-2013 X5 E70
Fits For BMW 2008-2014 X6 E71 E72

Package Include:
1 * Parking Brake Actuator

Installation instructions:
1.Step 1: turn off the power and lock the door. Before replacing the handbrake, please check the wear of the handbrake pad. Serious wear will lock the handbrake.
(try to replace the handbrake pad)
2.Step 2: install the handbrake cable. The clearance between the handbrake screw and the brake bolt should be adjusted as small as possible. If you can screw it in, screw it in as much as possible (too much clearance will make the handbrake module unable to sense).
3.Step 3: plug in the computer plug, open the car key door, and check whether the electronic handbrake module works normally. *The second and third steps must not be reversed.
4.Step 4: after the electronic handbrake is installed, turn on the power and start the vehicle.
5.Step 5: if the electronic handbrake module works normally, finally install the emergency unlocking line. Note: do not pull the emergency unlocking line at any time, unless the handbrake module is damaged and cannot be removed. Pull the emergency release line, hear the "kaba" sound, the handbrake module can not continue to use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

All the big shops in tje area said this part,would have to be programed and synced. LIES we had no issues was plug and play, All codes cleared

Alondra Chacon

Just followed instructions no special equipment needed or reset ,the warning light went off by itself. After installed working perfectly , no problem .

lauren smith
Fits as it should

The installation required slightly more effort than I initially expected, but I managed to complete it successfully. The release cable was a bit tight due to the way it was routed. I don't recall the exact tightness of the original cable. I replaced the unit because our original brake cable broke at the very end, not because of any issues related to the release cable, as mentioned by some other individuals.


I installed it and it worked. I only tested it a few times. I used the scanner to delete the password. I passed the security check and I am very satisfied.