PDC Parking Distance Control Unit Module 66209145158 66200410420 for BMW E60 E61 E63 E64 Generic


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Condition: New
Manufacturer Part Number: 66209145158, 9145158
Other Part Number: 66200410420, 66210395856, 66210393721

Fitment for:
For BMW 5 Series E60
2004-2005 525i Sedan (E60/M54)
2006-2007 525i Sedan (E60/N52)
2006-2007 525xi Sedan (E60/N52)
2004-2005 530i Sedan (E60/M54)
2006-2007 530i Sedan (E60/N52)
2006-2007 530xi Sedan (E60/N52)
2004-2005 545i Sedan (E60/N62)
2006-2007 550i Sedan (E60/N62N)
2006-2010 M5 Sedan (E60/S85)

For BMW 5 Series E60N
2008-2010 528i Sedan (E60N/N52N)
2008-2010 528xi Sedan (E60N/N52N)
2008-2010 535i Sedan (E60N/N54)
2008-2010 535xi Sedan (E60N/N54)
2008-2010 550i Sedan (E60N/N62N)

For BMW 5 Series E61
2006-2007 530xi Touring (E61/N52)

For BMW 5 Series E61N
2008-2010 535xi Touring (E61N/N54)

For BMW 6 Series E63
2004-2005 645Ci Coupe (E63/N62)
2006-2007 650i Coupe (E63/N62N)
2006 - To 03/08 M6 Coupe (E63/S85)

For BMW 6 Series E63N
2008 - To 03/08 650i Coupe (E63N/N62N)

For BMW 6 Series E64
2004-2005 645Ci Convertible (E64/N62)
2006-2007 650i Convertible (E64/N62N)
2007 - To 03/08 M6 Convertible (E64/S85)

For BMW 6 Series E64N
2008 - To 03/08 650i Convertible (E64N/N62N)

For BMW 7 Series E65
2002-2005 745i Sedan (E65/N62)
2006-2008 750i Sedan (E65/N62N)
2004-2006 760i Sedan (E65/N73)
2007-2008 ALPINA B7 Sedan (E65/N62)
2007-2008 B7 ALPINA Sedan (E65/N62)

For BMW 7 Series E66
2002-2005 745Li Sedan (E66/N62)
2006-2008 750Li Sedan (E66/N62N)
2003-2008 760Li Sedan (E66/N73)

For BMW Rolls-Royce RR1
2004 - To 01/09 Phantom Sedan (RR1/N73)
2006 - To 01/09 Phantom EWB Sedan (RR1/N73)

For BMW Rolls-Royce RR2
2008 - To 01/09 Drophead Convertible (RR2/N73)

For BMW X5 E70
2007-2010 X5 3.0si SAV (E70/N52N)
2007-2010 X5 4.8i SAV (E70/N62N)

For BMW X6 E71
2008-2010 X6 35iX SAC (E71/N54)
2008-2014 X6 50iX SAC (E71/N63)

Package Included:
1x Parking Distance Control Unit Module

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No need to be programmed, plug and play! GOT Me Back on the Road


Tired of looking around for a charging cable! This product works great, easy to charge, recommended!

Gurkirat Brar

The box is squeezed, but fortunately there are foam inside, the product is not damaged. It is the right part. Installed it today at a repair store. This worked perfectly for my application


Believe me the quality and effect of this product will surprise you, highly recommended to buy.

Jonathan Roberts
Still haven't received it

Still waiting on the part. Maybe Ill get it one day.