RV Air Conditioner Heat Pump Camper Non-Ducted Rooftop AC Unit Heater/Cooling Generic


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It is powered by the battery of the Truck car.
· The parking air conditioner is a kind of in-car air conditioner. It refers to the equipment that uses the on-board battery DC power supply (12V) to make the air conditioner run continuously when parking and waiting and resting, and to adjust and control the temperature, humidity, flow rate and other parameters of the ambient air in the car, so as to fully meet the comfort cooling needs of the truck driver.
· These DC 12V products are now widely used in the ventilation and air conditioning systems for the cabs in trucks, tractors, motorhomes, touring car and construction machinery. The DC Air Conditioner Kit is very easily connects to challenge confined space and extreme hot ambient!
· 12V electric air conditioning system have multi installation ways to ensure it can be suitable for most vehicles in the market. It includes 1) rooftop mounted air conditioner for van, truck, commercial vehicles, special vehicle, trailer, earth-moving machine, motorhome, RV (recreational vehicle), and 2) back-wall mounted air conditioner for truck, tractor, trailer, heavy duty truck, light truck, truck cab, truck sleeper, sleeper cab.

RV Air Conditioner Heat Pump Camper Non-Ducted Rooftop AC Unit integrated Heater and Cooling
Functional characteristics:The main functions cover refriegeration,heating,ventilation and air purificcation,etc.
The main components include compressors,condensers,liquid receivers,expansion valves,evaporators,fans and pipelines.Its working principle is:the refrigerant circulates under the action of the compressor,and the condenser in the engine compartment is liquefied from a gaseous state to a liquid state,releasing heat;while in the car,it evaporates from a liquid state to a gaseous state,absorbing heat,thereby reducing the temperature inside the carrefrigeration,heating,ventilation and air purification,etc.layiut

structure:top mounted
Cooling capacity: 2200W
Heating capacity: 1000W
Effective heating/cooling range:no more than 8 m³
Air volume(m³/h):250-450
Refrigerant charged: R134a/650g
speed range(r/min):1600-3800
External machine size: 666mm*720mm*160mm
Inner size: 288mm*150.5*160mm
Power cord: 3m

Packing list
1.One external machine
2.A set of sponge strips
3.2 *fixed stretch bars
4.A set of interior panels
5.Remote control
6.Universal screw pack 1 pack
7.Water pipe
8.Installation drawings
9.copy of the instruction manual of the air conditioner

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Excellent cooling effect on air