Wilwood 330-9371 CPP Universal Rear Parking Brake Emergency E-Brake Cable Generic


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Our universal emergency/parking brake cables are great for any custom car or truck where a factory cable just wont work. These are designed to be used with rear disc conversions as well as factory drum brakes. To install, simply cut the outer housings to your desired length then install, then run the inner cables through the housings and cut to length and junction them to the supplied unique clevis end with double set screws. This kit comes with all mounting hardware and ends.

1.Fits rear disc brake conversions
2.Fits drum brake setups as well
3.Cut-to-fit universal cable set
4.110" long cables with 97" sheath
5.Includes equalizer assembly, clevises, and hardware

Product Name: Parking Brake Cable Kit
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 180 days
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Manufacture Part Number: 330-9371

Package included:
1 * Parking Brake Cable Kit

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