61667131299 Windshield Wiper Nozzle Spray Jet Heated for BMW E90 E91 E92 E93 Generic


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Good quality windshield washer nozzle, direct fit, good replacement for the old wiper nozzle.
It provide long service life and outstanding performance resulting in smooth operation.
A quick to regain your clear view, keeping your windshield clear and your vision of the road unobstructed.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right
Manufacturer Part Number: 61667131299
OE/OEM Part Number: 61667131299, A61667131299
Type: Heated
Material: Plastic

For BMW 3 Series E90
2006-2006 323i N52 Sedan (E90/N52)
2007-2008 323i N52N Sedan (E90/N52N)
2006-2006 325i Sedan (E90/N52)
2006-2006 325xi Sedan (E90/N52)
2007-2008 328i N51 Sedan (E90/N51)
2007-2008 328i N52N Sedan (E90/N52N)
2007-2008 328xi N51 Sedan (E90/N51)
2007-2008 328xi N52N Sedan (E90/N52N)
2006-2006 330i Sedan (E90/N52)
2006-2006 330xi Sedan (E90/N52)
2007-2008 335i Sedan (E90/N54)
2007-2008 335xi Sedan (E90/N54)
2008-2008 M3 Sedan (E90/S65)

For BMW 3 Series E90N
2009-2011 323i Sedan (E90N/N52N)
2009-2011 328i Sedan (E90N/N52N)
2009-2011 328i Sedan (E90N/N51)
2009-2011 328xi Sedan (E90N/N52N)
2009-2011 328xi Sedan (E90N/N51)
2009-2011 335d Sedan (E90N/M57N2)
2009-2010 335i Sedan (E90N/N54)
2011-2011 335i Sedan (E90N/N55)
2009-2010 335xi Sedan (E90N/N54)
2011-2011 335xi Sedan (E90N/N55)

For BMW 3 Series E91
2006-2006 325xi Touring (E91/N52)
2007-2008 328i Touring (E91/N52N)
2007-2008 328xi Touring (E91/N52N)

For BMW 3 Series E91N
2009-2012 328i Touring (E91N/N52N)
2009-2012 328xi Touring (E91N/N52N)

For BMW 3 Series E92
2007-2010 328i N51 Coupe (E92/N51)
2007-2010 328i N52N Coupe (E92/N52N)
2007-2010 328xi N51 Coupe (E92/N51)
2007-2010 328xi N52N Coupe (E92/N52N)
2007-2010 335i Coupe (E92/N54)
2008-2010 335xi Coupe (E92/N54)
2008-2010 M3 Coupe (E92/S65)

For BMW 3 Series E92N
2011-2013 328i Coupe (E92N/N52N)
2011-2013 328i Coupe (E92N/N51)
2011-2013 328xi Coupe (E92N/N51)
2011-2013 328xi Coupe (E92N/N52N)
2011-2013 335i Coupe (E92N/N55)
2011-2013 335is Coupe (E92N/N54T)
2011-2013 335xi Coupe (E92N/N55)

For BMW 3 Series E93
2007-2010 328i N51 Convertible (E93/N51)
2007-2010 328i N52N Convertible (E93/N52N)
2007-2010 335i Convertible (E93/N54)
2008-2010 M3 Convertible (E93/S65)

For BMW 3 Series E93N
2011-2013 328i Convertible (E93N/N52N)
2011-2013 328i Convertible (E93N/N51)
2011-2013 335i Convertible (E93N/N55)
2011-2013 335is Convertible (E93N/N54T)

Package included:
1 x Windshield Washer Nozzle

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